This Halloween, Take Care in What You Wear

Halloween gives us an opportunity to get creative, dress up, and have fun.  However, some costumes cross the line and are racist, sexist, and just plain offensive.

Some dress up to honour or spoof familiar characters – from witches and vampires to otherworldly creatures –  others take a more serious approach and use this as an opportunity to reflect on prevalent themes in our society.

However, some costumes cross the line and are racist, sexist, or just plain offensive.

This Halloween, create a respectful and inclusive environment for all.

Some costumes can be seen as cultural appropriation or as propagating stereotypes, racism, and sexism. Be thoughtful in choosing what to wear. It’s a matter of respect.

Learn more about what to consider in regards to choosing a Halloween costume from Professor Mona Gleason (UBC Faculty of Education) who also shares the following tips:

  • Use common sense. If you’re not sure if a costume is offensive, don’t wear it.
  • Remember that just because it’s Halloween, it doesn’t mean that all the rules of respectful social interaction go out the window.
  • Ask yourself: Does this a costume belittle the wearer or is it a belittling reference to someone else? Remind people that is not what our what our society is about.
  • Don’t be disingenuous about particular things in history.

Do your part to create and sustain a respectful environment wherever you are. Share this message with your friends.

Best wishes for a safe and respectful Halloween.