Accessible and Unisex Washrooms

Guide to Single-Stall Washrooms

In spring 2008, the Disability Resource Centre and Equity and Inclusion Office mapped the accessibility of campus washrooms. This assessment gathered information about washroom design and signage to note accessibility for persons with disabilities.

In creating a campus that is welcoming and accessible to all, we also assessed single-stall washrooms for unisex signage. Unisex single-stall washroom options are important for community members who may be transgender or gender-variant (people who do not identify in the gender binary categories of woman or man). Our offices are working with AVP Operations to ensure current and future washroom facilities on campus are accessible for people with disabilities and inclusive for all people on campus.

Consistent with universal design principles, and to create a campus free from discrimination and harassment, accessible and unisex signage for single-stall washrooms will help students, staff, and faculty feel safer and more welcome at UBC Okanagan.

For more information about the assessment conducted or rationale for unisex washrooms contact the Disability Resource Centre or the Equity and Inclusion Office .

Single-Stall Washroom Locations

The following table lists accessible and unisex single-stall washrooms at UBC Okanagan. Current unisex signage presumes a woman/man gender system excluding those who identify outside of this binary. Our offices will continue to support steps to improve campus washroom accessibility and signage that is inclusive of a range of genders.

Accessible and unisex single-stall washrooms at UBC Okanagan (legend below):

Building Room No. Signage Building Room No. Signage
Arts 111 WU University Center (UNC) 1st floor None – Difficult lock
126 WM (Staff Only) 225 WU
128 WW (Staff Only) 312 Health and Wellness Center (Patients Only)
211 WU EME 0253 WU
224 WM (Staff Only) 0223 WW
226 WW (Staff Only) 0225 WM
273 WU 1219 WW
373 WU 1215-2 WM
Fipke 117 WU 1154 WU
208 WU   2225 WW
234 WU 2227 WM
334 WU 3128 WM
 Library 232  WW (Out of order)  3146  WW
 233  WM 3236 WW
 314  WU 3236B WM
 Science  136  W (Has Shower)  4126  WW
 225  W (Has Shower)  4128  WM
 321  WU  4234  WW
 Admin  005  WU (Employees Only)  4236  WM
 017 WU  4144  Shower Room
 111 WU  Fine Arts  (FINA)  202  WU
 Arts & Sci II (ASC)   121  WU (Has Shower)  Gym  1st Floor  Officials/Shower Room
 223  WW  Health and Sciences Center (HSC)  108  WU
 222  WM  215  Women’s Shower Only
 422  WU  209  WU and Shower Room
 423  WU


W — Wheelchair accessible single-stall washroom signage
wheelchair_symbol7191 or

WU — Wheelchair and unisex accessible single-stall washroom signage


WW — Wheelchair and women’s accessible single-stall washroom signage


WM — Wheelchair and men’s accessible single-stall washroom signage