Employment Equity Data

The annual Employment Equity Report constitutes UBC’s commitment in compliance with the Federal Contractors Program (FCP), which requires that employers of a certain size must develop an employment equity plan.

The reports below provide tables showing the headcount and percentage-incidence of employees in each Occupational Group and Designated Groups.
“Occupational Group” refers to Employment Equity Occupational Group, which combines jobs that are similar in level or type of work.
“Designated Group” includes the four groups designated by legislation – women, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, and persons with disabilities – as well as a fifth category that UBC has chosen to designate, sexual orientation/Gender Diversity. UBC’s internal data is compared to the external Census-Canada data, which is itself labelled “Comparison to Census.”

UBC Employment Equity Reports
Employment Equity Report 2014 (PDF)
Employment Equity Report 2013 (PDF)
Employment Equity Report 2012 (PDF)
Employment Equity Report 2011 (PDF).

Companion Tables
Contains Equity Representation by Faculty New Hires by Faculty Rank (UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver); Equity Representation of Faculty Headcount by Academic Rank (UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver)

If you have questions about the Employment Equity report email equity@equity.ubc.ca