Observances + Religious Accommodation

Religious Accommodation and Days of Significance

This calendar includes religious holidays, significant events and celebrations, public holidays, and other important dates that should be considered when planning events and activities. These dates are provided to assist the UBC community when planning activities to anticipate when students or staff might choose to seek accommodations for religious observances. Additional dates of religious observances may be found in the Interfaith Calendar. It is important to note that there are many holy days associated with various faiths and that the absence of such dates on this list should not be interpreted to mean that there should be no accommodation for students who observe those holy days. Finally, some observances are based on an interpretation of the lunar calendar, and thus may vary by one or two days depending upon the interpretation relevant to a student’s faith tradition. Board of Governors Policy #SC7  (formerly Policy #3) regarding discrimination is in place for all members of the UBC community. Moreover, the University is obligated to comply with the BC Human Rights Code in accommodating students observances of sincerely held religious beliefs.

Religious Accommodations


Recognizing the religious and spiritual diversity of the University, UBC permits students who are scheduled to attend classes or write examinations on holy days of their religions to notify their instructors in advance of the holy day of their wish to observe it by absenting themselves from class or examination. Instructors provide opportunity for such students to make up work or examinations missed without penalty. For students seeking information on the new policy regarding academic accommodation for religious observances, and cultural observances for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Students, please review your options here.

Faculty and Staff

UBC staff or faculty members may require time away from work for religious observance.  In such circumstances, staff or faculty should make requests to their Manager or Administrative Head of Unit with as much notice as possible, and reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate such requests. For more information on religious accommodation for staff and faculty, visit UBC Human Resources Accommodation of Religious Observances page.

Days of Significance 2024

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