Equity-related UBC Reports

The UBC reports and plans included below are related to equity and inclusion at UBC.

UBC Strategic Plan – Place and Promise

There are several commitments related to the Place and Promise strategic plan that are related to the University’s equity, inclusion and diversity mandate.

Aboriginal Engagement

  • Aboriginal Strategic plan website
    The Aboriginal Strategic Plan outlines ten major areas of action and provides a framework within which the many initiatives underway across the university can be located and be better integrated. Implementation reports are also included on the website.

Intercultural Understanding


Task Force on Intersectional Gender-based Violence and Aboriginal Stereotypes reports
In the Fall of 2013 President Toope convened a Task Force on Intersectional Gender-based Violence and Aboriginal Stereotypes in response to chants promoting rape culture and Aboriginal stereotypes that occurred during student-led Commerce Undergraduate Society FROSH activities.

The Task Force produced 14 recommendations that focus on the climate for faculty, staff and students on UBC campuses. The President and the Executive response and action plan: Renewing our commitment to equity and diversity: UBC’s response to the Task Force Recommendations. This action plan is not only in response to the student-led chants, but builds upon UBC’s current strengths, understandings and competencies relating to equity, diversity and inclusion in the areas of policy, strategic leadership and planning, curriculum and education, and supporting a respectful community.

– Read the Task Force Report prepared by the UBC President’s Task Force on Intersectional Gender-based violence and Aboriginal Stereotypes

The University responded with an action plan that renews UBC’s commitment to equity and diversity. The plan incorporates the Task Force recommendations and builds on current initiatives, policies, and practices.

– Read the University’s response to the Task Force and recommendations



Valuing Diversity: A Strategy for Advancing Equity and Inclusion at UBC was developed as part of the Place and Promise project.