Recap: Come Back Class

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2020, the Equity & Inclusion Office hosted a participatory workshop on January 16th called the “Come Back Class.”

Students and staff took turns coming up with clever comebacks to common sexist micro-aggressions. Comebacks to everyday comments such as “You throw like a girl!” or “Why are you so emotional all the time?” ranged from simply questioning the remark: “What do you mean by that?” to witty words like: “Why yes, I do throw like a girl, and? … am I supposed to be insulted by your patriarchal and essentialist assumption?” Other responses ranged from using humour and fact checking, to turning the comment back on the sender.

“It was a necessary experience as the scenarios discussed are dealt with on a daily basis. If available again, people should definitely attend”, said one student participant. “Sharing stories and learning through laughter was a great way to prepare for those moments when you usually feel speechless.”

Student groups and the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office are hosting several more events for SAAM, check out the event schedule.