Celebrate Black History Month

February is Black History Month. Year-round, there are opportunities to highlight Black voices, challenge anti-Black racism and strengthen our communities through allyship. This month is a time to be intentional in celebrating and recognizing Black contributions both past and present.

Black History Month was officially recognized in Canada in December 1995 following a motion introduced by the Honourable Jean Augustine, the first Black Canadian women elected to Parliament.

People of African and Caribbean descent, who have been a part of shaping Canada’s heritage and identity since the arrival of Mathieu Da Costa, a navigator and interpreter, whose presence in Canada dates back to the early 1600s. Few Canadians are aware of the fact that African people were once enslaved in the territory that is now Canada, or of how those who fought enslavement helped to lay the foundation of Canada’s diverse society.

Black people in Canada continue to shape history and culture at every level. Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate Black history today and every day.

Ways to Engage