Who Do We Pray For?

A conversation about global solidarity in difficult times.

Many of us are working tirelessly to make a more socially just and peaceful world. We are determined to make our communities more equitable and inclusive, and when autrocities take place, we sometimes gather for mourning or for fundraisers, we sometimes pray and change our social media profiles to reflect that.

In a world largely divided along socio-economic, racial, religious and political lines, violent conflict seems ever more likely. In addition; earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and fires ravage towns, cities and impact entire nations. It can sometimes feel overwhelming.

So, who do we pray for? And is prayer and hope an appropriate stance to take, and is there a responsible way to engage with despair? Can we afford not to have hope or can hope be re-imagined for this moment in time?

Join a converation with our campus community.

Date and time: Wednesday, November 22 at 5 PM – 7 PM
Location:  Aboriginal Centre UNC 212

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