IBPOC Faculty & Staff Meet & Greet

IBPOC faculty and staff meet and greet

Kick-off the term with the IBPOC Faculty & Staff Meet & Greet! If you are a UBCO faculty, staff or postdoctoral scholar who identifies as Indigenous, Black, and/or Person of Colour, or as a member of another racialized group, join us on September 22 from 3:00 to 5:00pm. This is a space to connect and strengthen your community with other IBPOC-identifying faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars at UBCO. 

This event is a collaboration between UBCO faculty and staff, and the Equity & Inclusion Office. 


***Please note that this is a space for faculty and staff who identify as Indigenous, Black and/or Person of Color to build their support networks. To learn more about why people who identify as IBPOC need their own spaces, check out this article by Kelsey Blackwell. We thank you for understanding and supporting this community initiative. For any questions please email: equity.ubco@ubc.ca 

If you are an IBPOC faculty, staff or postdoctoral scholar working in a STEM field, you can virtually join the UBC-wide IBPOC STEM Network.