EDI in TAing – Creative Arts disciplines

As a Teaching Assistant, you are an important resource for both students and Instructors. You can help build a more equitable learning environment in how you set expectations, manage online and in-person classroom interactions, and in how you approach evaluating student work. Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is not just about the content that you teach; it is about how the class is set-up and conducted. In this workshop you will learn about power and privilege within the learning environment, the policies and guidelines that frame your work, and how best to support students as you navigate ethical dilemmas and potential conflicts. This online synchronous session (offered through Zoom) is foundational to supporting an equitable and inclusive learning environment, while enhancing department and program specific TA training. Please register to attend the section that best fits your academic discipline and schedule.

Note: Departments who would like to use this as a component for your TA training please email Rachael.Sullivan@ubc.ca to learn how you can receive a confirmation of the TAs who attended from your department, program, or school at UBC.

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