Analog Dialogue: Chat to Thrive

A couple of years ago the phenomena of adult colouring took hold of supermarket aisles and lifestyle blogs. Welcomed as a quick retreat from the daily pressures of life, colouring was the latest mindfulness fad. Indeed, unplugging from technology and putting pencil to paper has something meditative about it. Creativity increases, stress hopefully decreases.

October 29 to November 2 is Thrive Week at UBC, a week of events that promote positive mental health. While you may choose to sharpen your coloured pencils and get back to that intricate design you started in 2016, we’d like to offer another option. Put pencil to paper, but write instead. Write to a friend, a family member, or to your future self.

Hand writing is a tool for contemplation and communication, an art that’s not yet lost. If your handwriting is in decay from years of typing, we invite you to try a typewriter. See how it feels tactically, emotionally.

Within the spirit of analog communication, we’ll also have a rotary phone available to make a phone call to Grandma or Grandpa, or simply to a friend in a different time zone. Dialogue and social connection (one of the Thrive Five), whether over the phone or in person, can decrease stress and lead to wellbeing. Equity Ambassador volunteers will be at our booth with tea, treats and deep listening skills. Stop by for a chat. Chat to Thrive.