Manish Kumar

Inclusion Project Assistant


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Manish is from Bodhgaya, India. The place of Buddha’s enlightenment and a home for around 100 plus Buddhist temples and centers. While growing up in Bodhgaya, Manish came in contact with Buddhism and became a Buddhist monk in Thailand while pursuing his Masters degree in Buddhist studies. Fast forward several years and he is at UBC Okanagan, pursuing a second Masters degree, this one in “Community engagement, Social Change and Equity” (CESCE) under the supervision of Dr. David Geary. As a volunteer “Equity Ambassador” and now as a student staff member at the Equity & Inclusion Office Manish is working towards building a more inclusive and equitable community and world beyond the notion of “othering”.


University Centre 216
3272 University Way
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7